New job

hPreparing to look for a new job in your field of work can be daunting. If you are unsure about your preparedness for searching for employment or attending interviews use the checklist and information below to start out.

Understanding the recruitment process and being prepared will not only increase your confidence but will also increase your chances at being successful in gaining work as you will appear more professional and ‘switched-on’ to recruiters. Having experience and being great at your job counts for a lot but in the world of job interviews and applications it’s often the person who is most prepared for the process that advances through the stages of recruitment.

Am I ready?

checkbox_image_1 Job-search skills and preparation checklist

checkbox_image_2 I have an appropriate and up-to-date resume and cover letter

checkbox_image_2 I have samples or examples of previous work done/ references to back this up

checkbox_image_2 Job-search skills – I know where to look for the type of job I’m wanting, how to approach the application process etc.

checkbox_image_2 Interview skills – I know how to approach an interview situation, follow up with an employer and proceed through the recruitment process

checkbox_image_2 Interview clothing – I have appropriate clothing for the type of interview typical of my occupation (formal/ informal)


If one of the barriers you identified in the checklist above was that your resume needs to be improved, or you don’t have a resume (in editable, electronic version such as Microsoft Word), there are plenty of websites that have resume templates for you to use.

One of the best websites for this is the Victorian Government’s Youth Central website. This website contains templates for job-seekers with many different backgrounds including job-seekers who haven’t finished school and have some work experience, job-seekers who have completed tertiary education but don’t have much work experience etc. Locate these templates here.

Resume assistance

This site also provides three resume templates you can use to create your resume. Choose your preferred layout from the options below. Clicking on the options will open up a Microsoft Word document you can save and edit to create your resume.

NORTH Link’s i-Step program is based in Bundoora, Victoria and has a commitment to assisting workers who are dealing with redundancy. If you need help with using the templates below and would like assistance please contact i-Step Project Manager Skye d’Avoine on 9479 5695 or

Classic resume template: Microsoft Word document

Classic resume template: Microsoft Word document


Short modern resume template: Microsoft Word document

Short modern resume template: Microsoft Word document


Long modern resume template: Microsoft Word document

Long modern resume template: Microsoft Word document


If you haven’t attended a job interview before, you haven’t attended a job interview in a long time, or you just don’t feel confident in your interview skills there are many things you can do to prepare yourself better and increase your confidence. The following tips can help you:

1. Practice answering interview questions. Search the internet for sample interview questions, you can even search by occupation (eg: manufacturing interview questions). Choose some questions you are likely to be asked and make some notes about how you might answer. Writing two to three points you may answer for each question means that at least one answer will come to you when asked in an interview situation.

2. Ask your employment service provider to assist you with a ‘mock’ interview to develop your skills. This will help with your verbal and non-verbal communication skills in an interview. You can also use your friends and family to help you with this.

3. If you are lacking things like appropriate interview clothing or transport to interviews ask for help. Your employment service provider may be able to refer you to organisations like Fitted for Work to help you succeed in being prepared for interviews.