Further education & training

Adult_student_imageTraining and courses

You may have identified that you need to undertake further education or training to come closer to working in your chosen occupation in a career change. You may have also been working with an employment service provider who has suggested a course you can undertake (possibly subsidised by the employment service provider).

There are many courses and many training providers who are offering training to help you gain the skills required to be successful in your occupation. Before choosing, or agreeing to undertaking a course it really pays to ask a few questions to help you decide if it is going to benefit you long term. Below are some tips to help you sort through all the courses and training providers available.

Questions to ask a training provider when considering undertaking any course.

1. What does the course cover?

Ask for the units/ subjects you’ll be completing. If it’s a nationally recognised course (eg: Certificate II Pre-apprenticeship) ask the training provider for the list of units and elements you’ll be covering. Most of the units of study should be beneficial for you to spend your time on. Remember that some units will be ‘core’ units that cannot be altered to suit individuals, but you may be able to apply for a ‘recognition of prior learning’ if you have already completed this unit previously.

2. If you enrol in the course, how will this affect any training you might want to enrol into in the future?

Many courses you might look at undertaking will affect your eligibility to undertake similar level courses in the future. Eg: If you are considering undertaking a course in administration how will this affect your eligibility to undertake a traineeship if that is your goal?

3. What assistance does the training provider offer to help you find work after completion of the course?

Do they have their own employment assistance programs/ procedures and if not, do they have any affiliated employment programs they regularly refer students onto to achieve employment?

4. And finally, what is the success rate of students who undertake the course finding employment in the target occupation after the training is finished?
The training provider may not have all the answers to your questions, but the answers they do give and the attitude to your enquiries will tell you a lot about the providers commitment to a positive employment outcome for you.