Dealing with change

Pensive_womanEven if you are given plenty of notice of your position becoming redundant, impending redundancy or when you do finish in the workplace can mark a difficult time in your life. Simply telling yourself to stay strong or stay positive is sometimes not enough to ward off feelings of anxiety over your change in situation.

Financial concerns can amplify any anxiety you feel over the change in your routine and lifestyle so it is important to prepare for the change mentally, as well as tending to the other issues dealt with in this website.

Strategies for coping

There is a lot of information available for coping with major change in your life. Below are some links to information you may find useful:

Australian Psychological Society website

Happiness Blog entry- Strategies for dealing with change

Most strategies are similar but some are more useful than others. The important thing is to find a non-destructive strategy that works for you.


Making sure you don’t change your personal habits for the worse is important when undergoing change. Increasing negative behaviours to deal with stress such as drinking, gambling, eating badly/ increasing caffeine intake, smoking more, changing your sleep routine and not exercising only very temporarily relieve anxiety and in the long-run can exacerbate any difficulties you have with anxiety or depression.

Keeping up your normal routine can be a stabilising factor in dealing with redundancy.

Struggling or not coping

If you feel like you’re not coping with the changes you’re facing, feeling depressed and down or anxious the first thing to do is to make an appointment with your doctor. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and if you don’t address the issue it can interfere with your ability to successfully move onto the next phase in your life or career.

Immediate help/ crisis situations

If you are unable to wait to get an appointment with your doctor and need assistance sooner the Lifeline service is available by phone 24 hours a day.

Lifeline phone 13 11 14

If your life is in danger you can call 000 to receive emergency help.

Other assistance

Beyond Blue website

Beyond Blue forum for employment/ unemployment issues

Youth Beyond Blue

Centrelink Social Workers