Career/occupation change

Redundancy can be an opportunity to consider other occupations or a career change. You may find that the type of position you are wanting in your former occupation is harder to find, or the conditions are not as you had been used (eg: non-EBA pay rates when you’ve been used to EBA). This can be a good time to think about a career change.

i-Step at NORTH Link have produced a toolkit for job-seekers with funding from DEEWR. The toolkit is designed to help job-seekers and employment service providers by offering a resource that allows job-seekers to look at the realities of the occupation they are considering and answer questions such as:

  • What tasks will I do?
  • How much will I get paid?
  • Are there future growth opportunities?

If you are being made redundant and you are considering moving into a new occupation, it pays to research the occupation/s you are considering before committing to any training or employment in a new occupation.

The full toolkit can be downloaded for free, or ordered in hard copy by clicking on the image below.

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You can also contact Skye d’Avoine at NORTH Link to see if any free copies are available to be mailed to you on (03) 9479 5695 (limited copies available to redundant workers at no cost).

Using the toolkit

Case study_job_outlook_imageThe toolkit allows you to work your way through your ideas on the new occupation you are considering and to then use the Job Outlook website to verify or correct this information.

The result

Once you have completed section one of the toolkit you will end up with a factual outline of the occupation you are considering which you can use to make further decisions about your job search method or training.

Once you have decided you would like to pursue your new occupation a good approach is to search for vacancies on the internet to see what skills, qualifications and experience employers are looking for. This will help you make decisions about whether you are ready to apply for jobs or if you need to undertake further training.

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